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Dr Tassos Georgiou

MBChB,MRCOphth Member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, England

Patient Care Specialities
Anterior segment disease and surgery
Posterior segment disease and surgery

Medical school
1989-1994 Leeds University Teaching Hospitals, England

Basic Ophthalmic Training
1995-1999 Senior House Officer at Leeds University Teaching Hospitals, England

Higher Surgical Training
2000-2002 Specialist Registrar
Leeds University Teaching Hospitals, England

1. Retina and Vitreous
2. Cornea /external disease/oculoplastics - Sussex University Teaching Hospitals, England

1. Use of omega fatty acids for treating disease. PCT/EP2012/067771
2. Compositions of omega fatty acids to treat diseases which involve damage to the nervous system. PCT/EP 2013
3. Treatment of eye diseases using omega fatty acids and AA/EPA blood ratio. PCT/EP 2014/058709


2017, June / Publication
Publication 'Therapeutic potential of omega-3 fatty acids supplementation in a mouse model of dry macular degeneration',British Medical Journal,Ophthalmology, June 2017
Link here

2017, March / Publication
Publication ‘Neuroprotective effects of Omega 3 fatty acids in a rat model of anterior ischemic optic neuropathy’
Link here
2016, Dec. 1-3rd
The International Symposium on Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Rome, Italy
Presentation:Therapeutic Effects of Omega-3 Supplementation in a Mouse Model of Dry Macular Degeneration
2016, Oct. 5-8th
European Association of Vision and Eye Research, Nice , France
Presentation: Neuroprotective effects of EPA and DHA fatty acids in the DBA/2J hereditary glaucoma mouse model
2016 Oct. Book chapter publication
Omega 3 fatty acids
Chapter : Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Eye Health (T GEORGIOU, K PROKOPIOU)
Link :
2016 Publication
The New Era of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Supplementation:
Therapeutic Effects on Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration.
J Stem Cells;10(3):205-15
2016, May 1-5th
ARVO Congress, Seattle, USA
Presentation : NAION-Light at the end of the tunnel?
Link : ARVO.pdf
2015, June  6-9th
European Society of Ophthalmology, Vienna, Austria congress
Presenntation : Treatment of Stargardt's disease and cone dystrophy'
2015, March  26-29th
6th World Congress on Controversies of Ophthalmology
Presentation : 'Treatment of dry macular degeneration using EPA fatty acids'
Link : COPHy italy march 2015 v4.ppt
2014, December 
Treatment for non arteritic ischaemic optic neuropathy : high dose of hope
Published article in Ophthalmology Times Europe December 2014 
Link : naion article.pdf
2014, October
Neuroprotection in glaucoma 
Published article in Ophthalmology Times Europe October 2014
Link : Glaucoma_article.pdf
2014  December  3-5
4th Optic nerve congress Austria
Presentation ' Optic nerve atrophy -high dose of hope' 
2014  October 28th
New York Academy of Science,New York
Presentation 'Use Of Surogate Markers For The Presence Of Pro-Resolution Mediators' 
2014 October 1-4
EVER - Nice, France
European Association for Vision and Eye research meeting
2014 September

EURETINA 11-14 Sept. London
Presentation ' The importance of the AA/EPA blood ratio for improving vision in patients with dry macular degeneration and macular dystrophies'

2014, June 
Dry AMD - A new hope
Published article in Ophthalmology Times Europe June 2014
Article: AMD-New Hope (download pdf file)

2014, January 25
Euretina meeting, Rome-Italy
Presentation: Use of high doses Omega 3 fatty acids for macular dystrophies
Georgiou T, Neokleous A, Nicolaou D, Sears B. Pilot study for treating dry age-related macular 
degeneration (AMD) with high-dose omega-3 fatty acids. PharmaNutrition, Available online 18 October 2013. Link:

2013, September 21
EVER meeting, Nice – France

Presentations - The following research results were presented:
1. New treatment for severe dry eyes
2. Innovative therapy for dry and wet macular degeneration
3. Innovative therapy for cystoid macular edema due to chronic uveitis and branch retinal vein occlusion

2013, July 5 to 7
Aegean Retina XIII meeting, Santorin – Greece

Presentation: 'Use of fatty acids to improve vision in patients with dry macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa'.

2012, August
Sussex Eye Hospital, Brighton - United Kingdom

Lee RM, Lam FC, Georgiou T, Paul B, Then KY, Mavrikakis I, Avadhanam VS, Liu CS
Suturing techniques and postoperative management in penetrating keratoplasty in the
United Kingdom. Clin Ophthalmol. 2012;6:1335-40

2012, September 6-9
EURETINA , Milan – Italy
Meeting for vitreoretinal surgeons

2012, July 21-25
ISER, Berlin – Germany

Meeting of the international society for eye research

2012, 4 June
Ophthalmos Eye and Laser Clinic, Nicosia-Cyprus

Presentation: “The first positive results of the new innovation for treating diseases of the retina”.

2012, 18 May
Symposium in Belgrade – Serbia
1. “How to perform Small Incision Cataract Surgery with the latest technology”.
2. “Management of refractive surprises following cataract surgery”.

2012, 1-4 March
Greek Ophthalmology congress of refractive and intraocular implants, Athens – Greece
1. “Live' surgery of small incision cataract surgery with the Crystalens AO implant as this is the most advanced technology for cataract surgery”.
2. “Personal experience with the new generation of intraocular implants”.

2012, 11th February
Hungarian Ophthalmology meeting
1. “Live' surgery of small incision cataract surgery with the Crystalens AO implant as this is the most advanced technology for cataract surgery. Personal experience with the new generation of intraocular implants”.
2. “How Ophthalmos Eye and Laser centre managed to become a centre of clinical excellence in Europe”.

2011, June 29 to July 2
4th World Glaucoma Congress, Paris - France

2010, 4-8 Sept
Congress of ESCRS, European society of cataract and refractive surgeons, Paris - France

2010, 2-5 Sept
Euretina 10th congress, Paris - France

2010, June
WOC -world ophthalmic congress -, Berlin –Germany
Presentation: “Crosslinking and topography guided surface ablation for keratoconus -121 eyes

2010, March 4-7
World Congress on controversies in ophthalmology, Prague - Czech Republic

2009, December 3-6
The 8th international symposium on ocular pharmacology and therapeutics, Rome - Italy

2009, October
Serbian ophthalmology congress, Belgrade – Serbia
Presentation: “Outpatient simultaneous bilateral intravitreal injections”.

2009, September
Congress of the ESCRS, Barcelona – Spain
Presentation: “Micro incision cataract surgery with MI60 implant”.

2009, 13-16 June
Congress of the European society of ophthalmology, Amsterdam - Netherlands

2009, May
Serbian ophthalmology society, Belgrade – Serbia
“Crosslinking followed by topography guided laser for keratoconus -93 cases”.  Live surgery performed ‘micro incision cataract surgery with Crystalens high definition implant”.

2009, 14-17 May
European society of retinal specialists (Euretina)

2009, 6-8 Feb
ESCRS winter meeting, Rome - Italy

2008, June
Congress of the European society of ophthalmology, Vienna- Austria

2008, 22-25 May
Euretina, Vienna – Austria
Presentation: “Treatment of pellucids marginal degeneration with Crosslinking and topography guided laser –new therapy”.

2008, June
WOC -World Ophthalmic Congress- , Hong Kong
1. Crosslinking and Topography guided Laser for Keratoconus
2. Enlarging Optical Zone with Allegretto 400hz Laser
3. Pellucids Marginal Degeneration Treatment-3

2008, May
Arvo meeting Fort Lauderdale , Miami – Florida
“Association for research in vision and ophthalmology”

2008, February 28-2 March
International symposium on ocular pharmacology and therapeutics, Budapest – Hungary

2007, December 8-9
3rd international congress of Crosslinking, Zurich-Switzerland

2007, June 15-17
International meeting of wave light users, Berlin - Germany

2007, March 28-31
6th International Glaucoma Symposium, Athens -Greece

2006, December 7-8
2nd International congress of Crosslinking, Zurich-Switzerland

2006, February
WOC -World Ophthalmic Congress-, San Paolo – Brazil

2006 April
Sussex Eye Hospital – England
Mavrikakis I, Georgiou T, Paul B et al. Cataract surgery by appointment. A pilot study. BMC Ophthalmol 2006 April 20;6-18.

2004 April
Leeds University Hospitals – England
Georgiou T, Funnel CL, A Cassels-Brown et al. Influence of ethnic origin on the incidence of keratoconus and associated atopic diseases in Asians and white patients. Eye 2004 April;18:379-83.

2003 March
Leeds University Hospitals – England
Georgiou T, McKibbin M, Doran RM et al. Bilateral third nerve palsy with aberrant regeneration in Guillain-Barre syndrome. Eye 2003 Mar;17:254-6.

2002 January
Leeds University Hospitals – England
Georgiou T, Qureshi SH, Chakrabarty A, Noble BA. Biofilm formation and coccal organisms in infectious crystalline keratopathy. Eye. 2002 Jan;16:89-92.

1999 October
Leeds University Hospitals – England
Georgiou T,Pearce IA, Taylor RH. Valsalva retinopathy associated with blowing balloons. Eye 1999 Oct;13:686-7

1999 March
Leeds University Hospitals – England
Walters G, Georgiou T, Hayward JM. Sight threating  Acuta orbital swelling from peribulbar local anaesthesia. J Cataract Refract Surg 1999 Mar;25:444-6.

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