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Subject:Ophthalmos presenting at EVER congress, Nice 5-8th Oct, 2016

Subject:Ophthalmos presenting at EVER congress, Nice 5-8th Oct, 2016

'Glaucoma is the second cause of blindness. The only neuroprotective treatment is to reduce intraocular pressure. Despite reducing pressure, patients still go blind.' said Dr Tassos Georgiou who is the head and founder of Ophthalmos Research and Educational Institute.  The results   presented at the European Association of Vision and Eye Research congress in Nice, France show that ω-3 PUFA supplementation has a neuroprotective effect in the  glaucoma mouse model, as demonstrated by the Retinal Ganglion Cell density analysis. The importance of assessing AA/EPA blood ratio (<1.5) was emphasized in order for the dosage of ω-3 PUFA to be adjusted with the aim to provide the maximum therapeutic effect. The lack of blockage of inflammation following ω-3 PUFAs plus drugs to lower intraocular pressure treatment, suggests that IL-18 and TNF-α downregulation may not be the only participant in ω-3 PUFA-mediated neuroprotection. These data  indicate a remarkable turning point in the current treatment approach of patients with glaucoma.

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